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January 2011 - March 2011
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Happy 2011 – may it be a year filled with blessings and success for you and your loved ones.

This is going to be a great year and to start you off on the right note we have a variety of new mini workshops designed for those of you who want to learn about healing without necessarily becoming a practitioner. The workshops teach self-healing and give you a set of tools to apply to everyday life to keep you balanced and relaxed throughout the year. There are more details on the workshops below.

We are also launching our Client Appreciation Program this year. Anyone who has been for a treatment with us is automatically entered into the program which includes a birthday gift, special offers on treatments and products and discounts on mini workshops.

So if you aren’t yet part of our family, treat yourself to a session and we’ll keep you in good stead for a stress free year.

Mini Workshops for Self-Healing
Our mini workshops are run on a Saturday morning and each workshop is R350 per person. You will receive comprehensive manuals and a bunch of goodies to work with at home. Visit our website for workshop dates.

Simple Steps for a Balanced Life
This workshop aims to empower women and teach skills to bring each aspect of your life into balance.

Unleashing Your Inner Potential
This workshop aims to empower women in the workplace and teach skills to define and access your inner potential. We focus on tools to use for empowering yourself at work without losing the essence of who you are.

Usui Reiki for Self-Healing
Discover the power of your own energy. Reiki is a gentle technique you can use to relieve stress and physical ailments through energy healing.

Colour Therapy for Self-Healing
Connect with the hidden meanings of colour. We look at how colour can be used in nutrition, dress, décor, fragrance and crystals to bring about balance and health.

Crystal Clear
An introduction to the world of crystals. We show you how to choose, care for and work with crystals to keep yourself and environment balanced and harmonious.

Colour: Orange

Orange connects with our creativity and helps to release shock and trauma from the body and emotions. Use orange to give you courage and energy.


“I create and manifest what I believe I deserve.”
Angel Message: Angel of Light

The Divine light of your soul flows through your being at all times radiating the understanding of unconditional love.

Wellness Days & Staff Motivation

For an innovative way to promote your services or products, or motivate your staff, e-mail us.

Colour is an accessible tool and covers a wide range of applications. It can be used to promote just about any concept and is effective in combating stress.

Our seminars assist employees in finding balance in all aspects of their lives to ensure reduced stress and higher productivity. The seminars are interactive and can be tailored to suit your time requirements; a one hour presentation or half-day workshop.

We offer onsite stress-busting neck, shoulder and upper back massage. Our services also include personal consultations to identify stressors and help employees to manage stress effectively.

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