Colour reflexology works pressure points on the hands or feet to re-balance the body and release issues held on the emotional and mental levels. Colour therapy products are used in the session to enhance healing vibrations. Colour reflexology combines the power of colour with the power of touch to revitalise and relieve tension. The whole body is represented at specific points on the hands and feet, so as these areas are being worked, the body is being balanced.

What are the benefits of Colour Reflexology?

- supports the body's natural ability to heal itself
- balances energy on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
- rids the body of toxins
- induces relaxation and well-being

What can I expect in a Colour Reflexology Session?

The session is done on a massage bed with your feet resting on a bolster cushion for comfort. The therapist guides you into a deep state of relaxation using breathing techniques. The 45 to 60 minute session includes a relaxing foot or hand scrub, the Colour Reflexology treatment and a chakra balance. In order for the treatment to be most effective, pressure applied depends on the client's comfort. A Colour Reflexology treatment should never be painful.

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