Children, like adults, also have issues that need resolving. Colour-Play is a drug-free natural therapy solution, based on colour and crystals, for children dealing with stress, anxiety, grief, depression and behavioural challenges. Colour-Play respects the child as an individual and helps to bring about balance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Our task is not to change children, but to support them. Colour-Play encourages children to express themselves and provides them with the tools they need to adjust to the modern world. Colour-Play highlights and supports any natural talents and abilities children may have. Through Colour-Play we are able to assist children in making sense of their world and give them practical and creative ways of dealing with life.

What are the benefits of a Colour-Play Session?
Colour-Play offers a neutral space in which children can feel secure expressing themselves. Through Colour Therapy based activities, we are able to assist children in building confidence, focus, self-respect and self-awareness. Some of the other building blocks of the Colour-Play session include:
- communication techniques
- structure and routine
- stress management
- overcoming fear
- parent-child bonding
- dealing with loss or grief due to divorce, family separation and death
- adapting to change

What can I expect in a Colour-Play Session?
A detailed questionnaire is completed by the parent to assist in identifying the child's issues and needs. During the child's first session, a full Colour Therapy assessment is done and colour-play is introduced. The Colour therapy assessment works with the psychology of colour to understand the child's current state physically, emotionally and mentally. Colour-Play includes activities such as art, construction, body movement and meditation. Sessions are approximately 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the child's age.

To book a Colour-Play session or to find out more, e-mail us.