Workshops Schedule

All workshops listed on this page are scheduled over weekends.

Should you be able to attend workshops during the week, we will gladly arrange individual training at no additional charge.


7th: Colour Therapy for Self-Healing
28th: Introduction to Colour Therapy

MARCH 2015

1st: Introduction to Colour Therapy
14th & 15th: Usui Reiki I
28th: Unleashing Your Inner Potential (Feminine Empowerment Workshop)

APRIL 2015

18th & 19th: Usui Reiki II
25th: Colour for Kiddy and Me (Ages 8-11)

MAY 2015

9th & 10th: Colour Therapy Level 1
30th: Usui Reiki for Self-Healing

JUNE 2015

13th: Simple Steps for a Balanced Life (Personal Empowerment Workshop)
27th: Colour for Kiddy and Me (Ages 5-7)

If you would like to join us for any of the above workshops, please e-mail for a booking form.

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